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Food Safety for OREGON

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Video Intro
Basic Food Safety Intro

This video introduces you to this video series. You will see the material covered. You will also get a flavor for the style and pace of the presentation.

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Video 1
Importance of Food Safety

Learn why you are studying food safety. Food safety education saves peoples lives, especially those who fall into susceptible groups.

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Video 2
Health and Hygiene

Safe food handling requires the food handler to understand when it is not OK to work as well as other personal hygiene practices that can effect the safety of food.

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Video 3
Temperature Control

Managing temperature is required to keep harmful germs from growing on food. Learn about proper cooking temperatures and steps to keep food within that temperature range.

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Video 4
Avoiding Cross Contamination

This video teaches you how germs can be transfered from certain foods to hands, surfaces and directly into other ready-to-at food. Learn how to identify and avoid cross contamination potential.

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Video 5
Cleaning and Sanitizing

Keeping kitchen and food preparation areas clean is vital for preventing foodborne illness. This video discusses proper practices to clean and sanitize for safety.

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Video 6
Food Worker Top 10

Probably the most important material in the series. This encapsolates all primary takeaways that each food handler must know.

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